Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Not Our President

To hear the simplistic denial of those who scream out with naiveté “give Trump a chance” as they condemn others engaged in selfless protest against a certain political and social tsunami in the making, is to ignore his life-time public embrace of policies that tens of millions reject as not just destructive, but evil per se. They are not mistaken.
Those in streets that fill with each passing day are not there to simply make half hearted statements in opposition to an unpopular political thought that rubs up against isolated narrow ideals or goals. To the contrary, in dozens of cities across this nation women and men of conscience, of all races, ages, religions, cultures and beliefs, understand all too well that Trump represents the greatest political and social threat that our Republic of diversity has encountered since the civil war… a battle which left one out of every thirty Americans dead or wounded and cities in ruins as millions fought for the heart and soul of this country.
Stanley Cohen: Counterpunch Magazine