Thursday, November 10, 2016

President Trump

A very short reflection:

Still absorbing the shock of the recent US elections - reflecting, meditating, praying for light and inspiration. Dark days ahead for Gay people in the US? Not to mention people of color, Muslims, Latinos?

However, a number of commentators whom I respect have set some of my fears to rest.

For any who are interested, here is Russ Baker at Who What Why with his modulated analysis: To wit, that Trump doesn't believe or support many of the causes he espoused during the campaign and in no way will try to implement them.

That remains to be seen regarding gay marriage, abortion, healthcare.....


WhoWhatWhy’s Russ Baker provides a morning-after analysis

And the distinguished old journalist still at it: John Pilger. Too leftie for some, but a man of wisdom and compassion - and outrage. Few of them left these days.

And lastly these two lefties, on the Corbett Report. Interesting analysis and I appreciate their witty, upbeat, positive attitude:

But I'll end these reflections with a comment from William Lindsey's Facebook page: 

I'd like to share some powerful words from someone in an email to me. The person writing these statements is a Chinese-American woman. She is superb at her job, competent in the extreme. In the past year, she experienced brutal harrassment in her workplace from an older white male who was put into authority over her, bullied her, threatened her, and was clearly intent on running her off. Her blood pressure on many days as this was going on was through the roof. Thankfully, she is now in a better job situation. Here is what she wrote to me about Trump's election:
"Hang in there and stay strong…..I, too often find it difficult to soldier on and if I was thinking of only myself, I think I would curl up in the fetal position and lock the door….or move away, but I find my strength to continue for those who do not have the strength or the voice to speak up…..for those who do not have a choice (financially or otherwise), the children who will suffer, for the downtrodden….the ones who this administration will surely target….we have to be strong for them. We have to let them know they are not alone….they have not been forgotten….that there are those who still care, still believe and those who will band together and fight for them…..there will be daily battles and tests ahead for all of us…. I think there will be dark days when the injustices feel like they hurt too much, when I feel like I cannot cry anymore and that I have had one too many setbacks…. but we have to stay and fight with and for those who cannot….they need us….this country needs us now more than ever. It will not be easy…..but we cannot abandon this country and the good people who live here….we have every much the right and the privileges that they do….we cannot allow them to bully us and take our rights and freedoms away……We stay strong and fight for all of those who suffer the injustices and cruelties of Trump and his band of elitist hatemongers. We cannot let the evil win….they are not going to take this country down without a fight!
Sound the bell….let them hear our battle cry….we will fight! Every voice needs to be heard!"