Jul 30, 2009

Papa Ratzi

Having taken a witty potshot at the fashion sense of the present pope in the photo found below, here is a moving comment about Papa Ratzi from gay Theologian, James Alison:

From my perspective, John Paul as a character was high on bluster and sounding firm and certain about everything, and so the quality of divinely-given “rockitude” was rather more difficult to glimpse beneath the showier elements of his own personality until his last weeks, when he gave a glorious witness to the palpable abundance of eternal life in the midst of his failing. But one of the things I especially like about Papa Ratzi is that he is evidently a much more modest, self-effacing and even timid man, and this enables the rock quality, the authentic Petrine touchstone quality, to shine through rather more perceptibly. He knows that it’s not about him, and yet I think that ordinary Catholics in Italy have sensed rather quickly that the Petrine charism, the surety, is alive and shining in him.

See also James Alison's very moving account of his conversion to Catholicism and subsequent journey as an openly gay priest (though he has since left the priesthood) "Is it Ethical to be Catholic?":