Aug 19, 2009


This is the website of a gay men's spiritual retreat center in the Hudson Valley in upper state New York. Quite a beautiful and inspiring place. What I find interesting about it is that many of its staff have Catholic/Christian backgrounds, some of the them associated with the Jesuits in one way or another, yet some of them, at least, and the retreat center itself, have moved far beyond the boundaries of traditional Catholicism/Christianity (though the Christian tradition is represented in some of their programs). This is the path of sanity and spiritual health for many former Christian gay men and I find it inspiring and reassuring. It is an alternative way of finding spiritual peace and wholeness.

Here is it's vision statement:

Many of us long for community. It is often elusive in our culture. Yet when we experience community, it feeds our souls and touches our hearts.

Easton is the home to a spiritual community dedicated to transforming and healing the human soul.
• We commit to living lightly on the earth, promoting social justice, and celebrating together.

• We vow to spread beauty and encourage creativity.

• We value openness and a radical hospitality, which seeks to embrace all others as sisters and brothers.
• We respect the wisdom of the body, the interdependence of all life, and non-violence in the resolution of conflicts.
• We promote peace and freedom for all.
We seek an ever-deepening connectedness to self, others, and all of creation.

Easton Mountain’s mission is to sponsor, develop and present workshops and other learning activities that promote wholeness, health, and peace; to foster the growth of spiritual community, respectful of all religious and spiritual traditions, that supports the integration and healing of all people.