Feb 8, 2010


 ANOTHER SIGN of the future of the Church: the Home Eucharist Movement
(thanks to Contemplative Catholic for this link)
Why a Home Eucharist ?

The Home Eucharist Movement hopes to encourage regular ‘lay led’ celebration of the Eucharist in small house gatherings.

Formal church attendance within Eucharist based church communities appears to be in decline. Many Christians express frustration towards their denomination, whether it’s Anglican, Roman Catholic and so on. Churches are closing and priest numbers are reducing making availability of a community based Eucharist an increasingly rarer event.   
The Home Eucharist Movement is an attempt to transcend these issues. We aim to establish regular home Eucharistic services that are

  • Open to all people regardless of denomination, ethnic background or sexual orientation
  • Not reliant upon the presence of an ordained minister from any established denomination.

  • We hope to encourage
    regular ‘lay led’ celebration of the Eucharist
    in small house gatherings
    that offer support
    to each member of the gathering in faith
    and send us all out
    to take Christ into the week ahead
    and to experience the presence of Christ
    in both the people we meet
    and the experiences we encounter.

    We return after our pilgrimage through the week to give “thanksgiving” for all we have encountered and to be renewed in strength for the week ahead.
    It is important to remember that the Home Eucharist Movement is not intended to replace the worship undertaken with the larger denominations.  This movement has it’s roots in them. 

    It is an attempt to re-invigorate that worship by encouraging a more personal involvement together with a wider appreciation of Eucharist that transcends the confines of the denomination we belong to, grew up with or walked away from.