Aug 23, 2010

The Progess of Gay Rights and the Return of the Divine Feminine

Return of the Divine Feminine
A feminine understanding
of the interconnectedness and sacred equality and harmony
is beginning to seep into all areas of our lives
and transform us.

The Divine Feminine
has begun to permeate and elevate our lives;

The growing influence of holistic medicines
that honor the interconnectedness of mind and body.

The growth in the world of models on interaction
that stress cooperation, mutual respect, and creativity,
rather than competition.

The leap we have made in the recognition
of the sacredness and rights of animals.

The expansion of Women's rights,
despite the efforts of chauvinistic male institutions
including, but not limited to, the Catholic Church,
to oppose them

The Progress of Gay Rights,
again, despite the efforts of institutional church to oppose them.

The evolution of a new Sacred Masculinity
which defines its strength and nobility
in terms of revering, protecting, and integrating
the Feminine,
not in oppressing it.

The expansion of sacred physical disciplines
such as Yoga and Reiki,
(despite the Catholic Church's opposition)
helping people enter the sacred joy of embodiment.

The proliferation of forms of therapy
that honor the sacredness of body and soul.

The growth in many areas of science
to the awareness of our interdependence.

The forces of domination and exploitation,
wreaking havoc everywhere,
are on the wane.

The very desperation of these forces
shows they know they are already lost.

A new vision of Divine force
is transforming life on earth.

The Divine,
as She has had the first word,
will have the last.

Taken from Catholica


Tc said...

Beautiful. Thanks very much for this.