Sep 12, 2010


My students just sent me this (old news from last June, but it's all new to me) - horrible, frightening, wildly funny and terrible all at the same time. I've followed it with a clever parody which hangs a minute into it and takes you to the filmmakers' YouTube channel for the complete version.



William D. Lindsey said...

Scary, scary, scary. I didn't have the heart to watch this clip when it first circulated online, Jayden, but am glad you posted it and got me to see it now.

As soon as he announces the fatuous, high-falutin' name of his committee, I feel like I have walked into a nightmare that Orwell has written . . . . And that helps me to watch this insane, sadly funny, but also vicious diatribe.

How this poor misguided man cannot see that he is simply being used by his right-wing American puppet masters is beyond me.

Jayden Cameron said...

Yes, I agree with you William. I wouldn't have found this funny at all were it not for the fresh perspective of my teenage students who found it all so absurd - and who passed onto me the parody as well. But my heart went out to those poor misguided folks in the congregation being fed all of these lies and distortions (not to mention all of the gays in Uganda facing such virulent hate). Obviously the minister had received (from whom?) a particularly nasty video of an extremist gay couple indulging in extreme deviant practices involving 'skat.' The fact that videos exist of heterosexual couples on the extreme edge indulging in the same extreme practices is a detail the preacher will spare his congregation. Otherwise he might have to ban heterosexuality from Uganda as well.

William D. Lindsey said...

Jayden, you're right. Those to whom he's ministering are real victims of his manipulation--and I think you're exactly right to ask who is feeding him the, well, s--t of this malicious, defamatory propaganda.