Dec 17, 2010


Thanks to blogger JD of Exsilium for referring me (in the comments section of previous posting) to this official portrait of Benedict alongside a nearly nude Christ. Whereas I found the video of the Pope watching half naked acrobats somewhat sweetly amusing, this 'official portrait' is quite alarming for it's self-evident homo-eroticism.Yet another example of a Catholic culture in profound denial.

I located the portrait on the  traditional Catholic site, Canterbury Tales, and some of the comments below the portrait do show some awareness of the dilemma. Others are dumbfounded that anyone could fine this inappropriate or homoerotic.

TESS: I do not think Our Lord or Our Lady would think the sculpture Of Christ was fitting in this work, however the Holy Father is quite beautiful. 

DEACON GREG KANDRA: A commenter at my blog thought the homoerotic connotations were a bit much -- and I have to say, he has a point. Seeing the prayerful pontiff beside a nearly nude Christ is, in a word, weird. 

LESLIE COOPER: Say wha??? "Homoerotic"? "Tiny hands"? :( What is wrong with some of you?

That portrait is beautiful. The Holy Father looks intelligent and thoughtful and sensitive


Mareczku said...

Well yes it is beautiful but it is homoerotic too.