Dec 17, 2011

Apartment Hunting

Running about these days searching for a new apartment here in Prague, which is experiencing one of it's mildest winters in years. We are usually covered in snow at this time and in fact most of the Czech and Slovak Republics are experiencing snow at this moment. Prague is drenched in rain and is beginning to turn cold, but so far nothing like the past few years. Various things are happening about town and the great churches are preparing for their advent concerts a week from now. It feels good to be here, and in preparation for the coming of the Lord I'm ignoring the crazy goings on in certain fanatical human institutions and living in the Peace that passeth understanding. Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus, Come.

A few of the possibilities for a new home for the new year and a cheaper one than the very expensive one I'm presently occupying. Trusting in Our Lady to show me the way. Then when all of this is settled, I'll be taking off for the grand Polish Marian shrine of Czestochowa.


William D. Lindsey said...

Jayden, good luck with the apartment hunting. Each of the three whose pictures you post looks splendid to me. And a wonderful pilgrimage to the shrine of the Polish Dark Madonnna--the dark little mother of Czestochowa (spelling?), I think the Poles like to call her.

Jayden Cameron said...

Thanks, Bill. Being such a fussy queen I can't quite make up my mind about the apartments, this one has too much street noise, that one is too quiet and isolated. Driving my friends nuts. I trust you and Steve will have a happy and holy holiday.

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