Jun 23, 2013

Edward Snowden leaves Hong Kong for mystery asylum via Moscow

Happy 30th birthday to Edward Snowden (June 22nd). Hong Kong authorities, taking maximum advantage in loopholes in expedition laws, have expedited Mr. Snowden's exit from Hong Kong to a third country for asylum via Moscow. Mr. Snowden's initial flight to Hong Kong is now being seen as more intelligent than first perceived. I wish him well and my prayers are with him, as with anyone with true moral courage who stands up against the principalities and dark powers of this world, while being branded traitor, lunatic, fanatic. We live in perilous times, but there are moments of grace, and the journey of Edward Snowden is one of them. Blessings and prayers for a safe haven for one of the truly remarkable 'ordinary heroes' of our times, a man who simply did what was right (though there was little simple about it) in the face of egregious crimes and sickening lies.

See report in the South China Morning Post

I breathed a enormous sigh of relief when reading this breaking news this morning (I lived in Hong Kong for  year and read the South China Morning Post every day.). I haven't been blogging much, but have been following the Snowden affair with keen interest.

However, for an even more explosive exposé of NSA spying, see the interview with NSA whistleblower Russ Tice here at Boiling Frogs. This is essentially the interview MSNBC severely censored. Too hot to handle for the compliant mainstream media.

More reflections later, but I can only reiterate the powerful mystical connection I feel with the whole Snowden affair. Yet how difficult it is for some to see the light amidst the fog.

Perhaps I shouldn't have breathed quite so loud a sigh of relief for the young fugitive, since he's been charged with espionage by the Obama administration - no surprise there - under an antique, outmoded law that has now been used by Obama seven times, more than double the times of all previous US administrations. Meanwhile Obama continues to preach his smooth liberal agenda regarding gay rights, women's right, fairness to all, peace to the world - words that do little to threaten the dark and hidden systems of power that truly rule the US in the shadows.

Prayers and blessings for Edward Snowden - may he find safe refuge. Is that praying for a miracle?


M.McShea said...

I am impressed that the young, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Wikileaks etc. see the big picture, the immoral big picture in reality and potential. I am impressed that they had the courage to act on conscience in a perhaps new forming global culture. I cannot help them directly but I can bear witness to their selfless acts in the name of humanity.

Richard Jayden Cameron said...

I agree completely and wish them well. I hope the consequences for them are not to dire. They are acting for all of us/

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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