Dec 26, 2013

Tom Daley's Christmas Cheer

Young Olympic diving star, Tom Daley, who 'came out' several weeks ago, is taking his newly acquired title of "Gay Icon," with a bit of whimsy - and with the help of some of his friends. Tom posted these photos on his Facebook page yesterday, and he has a rueful expression on his face as if he's not quite sure of what to make of it all. It appears as if his best (girl) friend and the first recipient of his confidences about his same sex attractions was the principal gift bestower - from the brightly wrapped packages with the rainbow ribbon to the rainbow socks and the cheeky apron. Note the hairy legs.  There is certainly no doubt that Tom himself and his public witness are precious Christmas gifts this season for the youth of the LGBT community. Tom has gone from being the wholesome, decent boy next door to the wholesome, decent gay boy next door, and he's made the transition with hardly a burp or a stumble. 


William D. Lindsey said...

I loved these photos, Jayden. Hadn't seen them elsewhere. As people sum the year up, it strikes me that 2013 is a year in which we've come so amazingly far down many roads, as a gay community, that I find it almost impossible to imagine the experience of growing up gay right now.

There just weren't any Tom Daleys (or Anderson Coopers or Wanda Sykes or Ellen Degeneres) when gay young folks were growing up in my generation. It's absolutely wonderful that younger gay people now have a wealth of role models.

Problems galore still for the gay community and for many gay young folks, but, even so, we've come a long, long way, and I celebrate that. Your posting is such a valuable reminder of what we have to celebrate.

Jayden Cameron said...

Thanks, Bill, Daley and Utah what a month, let alone what a year. Many advances, and as you say, still a long way to go, especially in the Catholic Church.