Apr 7, 2014


A bit of whimsy for these dark days - thanks to one of my Czech students, 14 year old Honza.

Not much to cheer about in the Catholic Church these days (see here) or in the world at large, environmental disaster pending, the possibility of WWIII sparked by the crisis in the Ukraine, my own country USA behaving like a psychopathic madman out of control and seeking world hegemony. The Supreme Court puts into law unbridled monetary buying of elections (striking down limits to campaign spending). Victims of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to have their voices ignored, and US citizens targeted unconstitutionally by US drone attacks may not sue for compensation. But as Bill Moyers recently said in response to this SC campaign funds ruling (and referring to the initial rebellion that gave birth to the nation),

When injustice becomes  law, defiance becomes duty. 

That is a clarion call heard on many levels. 

So here in response is latest Justin Bieber look-a-like, Francis the Popus.

Meanwhile, I am looking for homes or condos to buy in the San Francisco Bay Area, even though I don't have the ready money for such a purchase. But here are a few selections that caught my fancy -



Mill Valley

The Tiburon Condo is probably my favorite because (a) its within walking distance of the Tiburon/San Francisco Ferry, Tiburon's famous Main Street, shops, markets and cinemas - perfect for a 70 year old who doesn't want to be completely dependant on a car, and (b) it's the cheapest :) and (c) it has a wonderful sea view alcove in the main bedroom that is perfect for a writer's office. And (d), it has a community pool, as well as two seafood restaurants on the water within five minute walk. OK, I'll take it. 

The two Belvedere Homes are for the snooty rich, but oh my the views.

The magnificent Mill Valley home with gardens is my favorite design, but with four bedrooms and four different living rooms and seven terraces and porches and a fully equipped luxurious guest cottage (and a super big jacuzzi), its a bit large for a single fruity gay grandfather who would only have occasional weekend guests. But Mill Valley is the beautiful Marin village where I grew up, and its become only more trendy and hip since those long ago days of innocence of mine, when I thought the world was good and my country's government protected us and the Catholic Church was only a channel of inestimable grace. My world view has become a bit more nuanced and jaundiced since then, but grace and beauty still prevail, I believe, and some of these fabulous homes for the highly privileged are true works of art. The Mill Valley home is a true hermitage away from the stresses of the world, a rare spiritual retreat. OK, I'll take that one two. Let me call up my broker. 


Frank said...

Never heard of Tiburon, and thought it might be a place to consider as we are sick of New England winters.

Just went to Tiburon Realtor dot com and sorted by price, low to high. The least expensive property is $499,000. Yikes!

We just got back from Santa Fe where we were looking at the few properties available in the $150,000 to $175,000 range and that is a stretch for us.

So we may be stuck here for a while.

Jayden Cameron said...

ah...the condos on Janet Way, yes. Three of them available in that price range, which makes one suspicious. Beyond my reach as well, but fun to browse. The bay shore condo I featured is offered for a mere 1.8 million. Piece of change, right?

I grew up in this area so know it well. Spectacular, breathtaking, etc etc, hence all the wealthy, unattainable homes!

My family home in Mill Valley (on a hillside with spectacular views) - where I grew up as a teenager, has been assessed in 2014 at a value of $1,400,000 - and that's cheap for the area. My father sold it in 1968 for 40,000, right before the housing boom. It jumped to 248,000 in 1970.