Jul 1, 2014

Moldovan Boy Desperately Needs Help

A close friend of mine here in Prague, David Fowler, is asking for donations to help a poor Moldovan boy now hospitalized in St. Petersburg, Russia, with failing lungs. I've known David, a professional tour guide for International Schools,  for ten years and he is completely trustworthy. I've also followed the heartwrenching story of Nicu for the past six years. He is from a poor, struggling Moldovan family whom David befriended some years ago when he was conducting a tour in the countryside near Nicu's home. David became very close to the family and when first the mother and then the father both died within several years of one another, David found himself in the difficult position of having to help support Nicu and his younger sister and brother. I continue to be astonished at David's generosity, since he is not a rich man and this trial, which he believes was 'heaven sent,' has taxed his resources to the limit.

Roughly one year ago, Nicu managed to get a Russian passport and then found employment in a chemical factory last winter.  His boss assured him the work was safe and did not supply him with protective masks. Since Nicu was desperate for money to send back to his family, he agreed to the conditions. Needless  to say, this was a lie and the boy's lungs have been permanently damaged. He is now surviving only through small artificial lungs, which will only keep him alive for one year at most. He desperately needs a complete lung transplant and this will cost a small fortune. This is a great tragedy for this already burdened family and the loss of their older brother, so soon after the loss of their mother and father, will be a devastating blow to the younger sister and brother.

David's site at Go Fund Me is here if any readers feel moved to offer help of any kind. I can vouch for David's complete honesty and trustworthiness. He is a dear friend and it saddens me no end to see him so heavy hearted over this tragedy. Nicu is only 22, just starting out in life, with his own hopes and dreams for the future, but as of this moment they do not look very bright.

Yes, there are so many stories like this 'out there' in the real world, stories that bring us down to earth and show us the harsh realities of so many human lives. In comparison, our own petty worries seem trivial and insignificant. And of course, we cannot save the whole world. What we can do is offer our own little bit of help to those in need who cross our path. Or to echoe Tolstoy, we add our little bit of light to the great pool of light and only in that way can we make a difference. If you feel moved to make a difference here, please go to David's site and make a donation, however small. All help is appreciated and will be used to pay for Nicu's present medical bills and prepare for the lung transplant.

Blessings upon Nicu and David.