Nov 1, 2014

New Blog Site/Gay Mystic is Mysteriously Expropriated

Mystical Prague Noir

Been distracted for the past few weeks and neglected to post on the Czech films, as promised. Instead, I've been working on a new blogsite of mine that focuses exclusively on reviewing (and writing) crime fiction, with a special emphasis on gay mysteries and works for LGBT teens. So without further ado, here it is (and for those hackers and lurkers out there who appropriated the domain name of GayMystic, this new blogsite has been properly registered, along with similiar names, so no piggybacking will occur.)

My writing pen name is Richard Demma, in honor of my mother, who taught me at an early age to love reading passionately. Thanks mom, Mary Jane Demma. 

Given my naivete, I never bothered to register the domain name, Gay, so someone (we know who and where you are) has bought the rights to gaymystic, gaymystics and mysticgay, the three original titles of this blog. The coincidence is simply ...well, too much of a coincidence to be accidental. Someone wanted to limit the accessibility of this blog, so I may be shifting the url and name shortly. Google has politely transferred my url to, thereby indeed limiting its accessibility on internet search sites. 

Onwards we go and I'm having so much fun at the new blog site, reading reading reading and hopefully one day publishing my own LGBT teen novel.

Richard Jayden Demma