Dec 25, 2014

The Outcasts of Christmas and the Winter Solstice

A Blessed Winter Solstice celebration for all you holy pagans out there, followers of Attis and Dionysus, both of Greece; Mithra of Persia; Salivahana of Bermuda; Odin of Scandinavia; Crite of Chaldez; Thammuz of Syria; Addad of Assyria, and Beddru of Japan. (All of these male deities celebrate their birthdays on December 25th).
For all of you Christian sinners out there (like me), Feliz Navidad! A blessed day in honor of the Crucified Savior, born in a shelter for animals outside the inn. 

To remind us that Jesu was born an outcast, here is a haunting photo of a Romany family being investigated by police in Romania. 

No room for Jesus in the Inn of respectable society. But the Roma would have taken Him in.

Today is a day to celebrate the inclusion of all outcasts in the warmth of our Divine Mother/Father's familial embrace. All are welcome. 

(thank you, Chris Mac, from The Scarecrow Blog)


William D. Lindsey said...

A wonderful reminder of what Christmas is all about, J/R! Thank you for posting this—and best wishes for this Christmas season.

Jayden Cameron said...

Thanks, Bill, and best wishes to you and Steve as well! JR, I really like that tag!😊