May 1, 2016

Daniel Berrigan dead at 94

A day for prayers, a day for mourning and remembering, and a day for rejoicing that for a time - so brief - we were graced with the presence of such a gifted prophet. Not without his human flaws, but then aren't we all, yet how few of us have his courage. The great Daniel Berrigan - who helped to awaken and forge the consciences of so many of my generation  -has passed over the River of Life into the Great Beyond.

Tributes are already pouring in from far and wide - from the New York Times to Huffington Post - to conservative/progressive Catholic blog sites to social justice sites.

Here is Common Dreams initial report. 

I need time to absorb the impact of this news, an event as moving for us old Catholics as the death of Thomas Merton, who was also a great friend of Berrigan's - but I'm reminded of one of his books I found most moving - his dialogue with Vietnamese Buddhist Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn,

The Raft is Not the Shore.