Oct 28, 2016

New Look for Gay Mystic

(Cathedral of Maria del Mar)

I Just downloaded this new template for Gay Mystic = from New Blogger Themes, and I haven't had time to adjust the menus yet....which I hope to do tonight.

I intend to get back to blogging in a serious fashion at this blog, particularly book reviews of pertinent gay literature I've read recently.

Peace Joy

p.s. the background photo is one I took myself of Park Guell in Barcelona = a very gay city if ever there was one - and a staunchly Catholic one as well, at least in terms of a visible presence. The great basilica of Maria del Mar is one of my favorites churches in the world, Church of the poor - fishermen in particular.

(ooops since writing this, I changed the background image to a sunset over the sea. )

Ildefonso Falcones wrote his bestseller, Cathedral of the Sea, about the history and construction of this great church.


Kittredge Cherry said...

Wow, what a big difference! It's like when Dorothy landed in Oz and walked out from black and white into the technicolor world. I'm in the process of setting up a new format for the Jesus in Love Blog, so I really appreciate what you accomplished.

Richard Demma said...

Oh thanks so much, Kitt - and a belated Hap.py birthday! I do feel the change is a special sign to me to keep on blogging - and to preserve what's already here at GM. And of course, your blog is one of my very favorites! Such riches on display.