Dec 15, 2009


Quite a shocking image sent to me today (for my birthday-yesterday!) by a good lesbian friend of mine. (The artist is David LaChapelle, the painting is called Eden, and it can be found at the website, Homotrophy.)
Thank you, Becky. (apologies for the full frontal nudity, but there are times when it makes a point). I would only suggest one alteration. I doubt if many of the fiercest opponents of gay persons within the church hierarchy would be reaching out lasciviously to the  Venus De Milo (or is that avariciously?). Michelangelo's David would be more appropriate and offer a stronger image of hypocrisy.


Terence Weldon said...

A shocking image, yes, but not as shocking as the truth. On of the many posts I ahve "in progress" for QTC is one on the horrific treatment of "sodomites" under the Inquisition.

The first 11 or 12 centuries of Christian treatment of gay men and lesbians was generally much milder than people usually suppose: the next 5 or 6 were much worse.

In recent years the Vatican has apologised for several of the appalling excessos of the past, (but as far as I am aware)there have not yet been any apologies for the hundreds of people burnt at the stake - or even worse.

Jayden Cameron said...

I really look forward to your post on the Sodomites under the Inquisition. Sounds like the makings of a great movie! Horrific and dismaying to be sure, but buried away on the back shelves of the Vatican archives, not considered worthy of attention. Time to bring all this stuff forward for a thorough cleansing of the house. Apologies are generally reserved for dead people, and only a select few of those are deemed worthy.