Dec 16, 2009


This may be my last post for several weeks (We'll see.) I head for London this Friday, December 18th, to celebrate Christmas with my Lesbian friends and to attempt (once again) to conceive a child with them. I wish everyone a joyous Noel, a happy Hanukkah, during this festive season. Let us rejoice in the power of the Holy Spirit who chose a lowly unmarried Jewish woman on the margins to carry into the world the Jewish prophet and Divine Master, Jeshua.

Thanks once again to the wonderful Jesus in Love blog for this contemporary Christmas image.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps, just perhaps, people who come to believe they are gay are not that at all. It is not unatural to have a sexual feeling when touched by another person. This happened to me many years ago as a young man going to work on the New York City subway. A man touched me inappropriately in the crowded subway where there was only standing room. I moved but the feeling was there. Was I gay, I thought! The answer was, of course, no. However the thought was planted in my mind. I realized later I was not at all gay. It was a natural reaction to being touched, but this did not make me gay. This suggests to me that a great deal is in the mind. Many men and women may be bisexual and wind up thinking and believing they are gay. I hope this helps.