Mar 26, 2010

Great Comment

I loved this comment at the Daily Dish yesterday:

He was handsome and charming and we called him “father what a waste.”  A catholic priest saved my life - the Catholic church saved my life.  He never once laid a hand on me – and I pray to God he never once laid a hand on anyone else.  As the seemingly endless flood of revelations of sex abuse emerge, I weep for the church, I weep that I find myself hoping against hope that the priest I so respected never abused a child. 
Maybe, just maybe, the spirit of God is working in the world – that these revelations are occurring in Lent should suggest it is time for the church to reflect on what truly matters, to give up what it must give up in order to bring itself back into accordance with the spirit of God.

In these terrible moments, as one shocking, horrifying wave of revelations hits us, we need to remind ourselves of the great number of genuinely spiritual persons struggling to hold this wounded community together and doing so with integrity against great odds and under great pressure.