Mar 22, 2010


Have been busy lately moving house to a beautiful, larger apartment on the Vltava with a great view of the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral. So I guess I'm a European now. I have the 'Eucharist' "reserved" in the bedroom and the feeling of sacredness emanating from out of that room and flooding the space is an extraordinary and utterly gracious gift. Just to walk back and forth from one room to the other highlights the sense of "Presence" from this gift within the home. Not the same feeling in my previous studio when I was constantly in the presence of the Eucharist. When first entering the flat, I was always conscious of its reality and gave reverence the first few moments in the space, and then went about my ordinary business. This new space gives an entirely different experience, moving from one space that 'feels' ordinary into another that feels filled with warmth and light.

Have taken off for Germany on another school trip again (I'm a part time teacher and am frequently asked to chaperon for these trips, which are great fun.) Back on Sunday, when I hope to resume blogging of a sort with some reactions to the unfolding abuse crisis in the Church and the  resulting 'demythologization' presently underway of the sacerdotal priesthood. Am also just finishing up Peter Ackeroyd's biography of Thomas More, a martyr to unity at the time of the shattering experience of the  Protestant Reformation. Inspiring and illuminating