Jul 14, 2010


(Update: I'm not sure why the original photos included with this post are no longer visible. Perhaps they have disappeared from the original site? But I have 'deleted' the remnants of them, to remove the distracting exclamation points!)

Through a mysterious chain of coincidences, prompted first by an email from a friend and unraveling over the past 24 hours, I am now on my way to Slovakia and the sight of the 1990-95 Marian apparitions in the hillside village of Litmanova on the Polish Border. One of the minor, lesser known Marian shrines in the world, I know not what to expect but it feels like a grace.  Clearly I am being led, since this whole adventure unfolded so rapidly with an unexpected invitation this morning from one of my young Czech friends, whose parents live in the area, and whose grandmother was a frequent visitor to the site.
A report to follow.