Jul 22, 2010


(Update: I'm not sure why the original photos included with this post are no longer visible, since most of them were my original photos taken on site.  But I have 'deleted' the remnants of them, to remove the distracting exclamation points!)

I have just returned from four days in the utterly sacred, mysterious, hidden Marion shrine of Litmanova high in the mountains of northern Slovakia on the Polish boarder. Allegedly, (and for myself there are no doubts) the Blessed Mother appeared to two young peasant girls on August 5th 1990, announcing herself as Immaculate Purity, and continued her visitations until August 6th of 1995. The young girls should have been attending Mass at their parish church in the town, the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, (under the auspices of the Greek Catholic Church, which practices the Eastern Rite). The young girls were playing in a dilapidated, abandoned cabin on the holy mountain of Hora Zvir when they were startled by a loud crashing sound and a white light out of which emerged a beautiful woman who gazed at them lovingly and then walked across the floor of the cabin and sat down on a little bench.  The girls said they were flooded with the most profound peace that put all their fears to rest. Ivatka has said, "I didn't feel I needed to ask her anything. Just her being here with us was enough." That bench has now become the most sacred object in the shrine and the sight of many 'healings.' A sacred spring behind the cabin has now become a source of healings as well, and pilgrims draw water from it freely.

I'm afraid I'm still too overcome by the visit to adequately describe it, except to say I felt touched by an all encompassing Love more intimate to my being than my own heartbeat. It is truly a holy place, and with every breath of my being during those four days I felt in  intimate union with the Blessed Mother of us all. Thank you, dear mother, for the grace of Litmanova. It is the Marion shrine that all of us have been searching for in our hearts all our lives. A remote mountain village of peace and harmony, touched by Mary's grace and completely unspoiled by any taint of commercialism. High in the mountains of northern Slovakia, hidden away from the world and known to very few pilgrims outside the Slovak and Polish Christian communities. It is pure gift and pure grace.

A much fuller report to follow in a few days.
Jayden Cameron


Contemplative Catholic said...

Really enjoying your posts about visits you have made recently. I love times like this in our lives and delighted to hear about others who experience spiritula turning points.

JD said...

Sounds incredible. I'm very jealous of your proximity to these holy places.

Thanks for bringing this place to attention.