Nov 7, 2010

50 Very Insightful Blog Posts on GLBTQ Spirituality

I was just sent this very interesting link to 'Theology Degrees Online,' which lists 50 interesting articles of interest for GLBTQ people at various blogs around the blog-sphere.

What I found most interesting about the list were the number of articles devoted to gay struggles within Zen, Hindu, Jewish Orthodox, Tibetan Buddhist, Muslim, Mormon, Native American spiritual communities. Nearly every spiritual/religious community you can think of has been represented on the list. Very inspiring and well worth checking out. Here is the opening statement:

At first glance, one would assume that religion and spirituality gels little with the GLBTQ community and their associated quest for Civil Rights. Considering the very vocal opposition by many prominent religious figures and marginalization of ANY members who do not conform to very regimented expectations, that mindset is certainly understandable. However, polls have shown a growing acceptance of GLBTQ individuals in different houses of worship – and the numbers only continue to climb. The more one researches the subject of the relationship between homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality, transgender and religion, the more one unearths a diverse number of opinions, meditations, hardships and practices…no difference from heterosexuals, really. The following blog posts provide some excellent insight on how these men and women have approached their religious beliefs in order to find solace, peace of mind and acceptance. Contrary to popular belief, it can be done.

My favorite article: Feminist activists find inner peace in Thailand at MS. Magazine blog.