Nov 22, 2010

Forget the Pope & Condoms:A Far More Authentic Spiritual Leader


Anonymous said...

Is it possible for a prepubescent to know definitively that he is gay? I guess I have heard about people knowing (and their mother's knowing) when they are very, very young. But until the hormones really kick in, can a person be sure? Regardless, he seems like a cool, courageous and wonderful kid. God bless him!

Jayden Cameron said...

That is the interesting question, but as I think more and more of these very sensitive and mature young gay boys come out we can answer the question in the least for some. On the other hand, it is advisable for us to be cautious about making judgments about sensitive, 'feminine' young boys who make no such admissions until puberty hits. I had a young student whom everyone - including his parents - thought was gay. Strongly inclined towards the arts, disinterested in sports, sensitive, intelligent and emotionally mature beyond his years, he signed up for an all girls tap-dancing of course, we were all rather smug in our assumptions. He even asked his parents, "Why am I different?" Then puberty hit and it became evident that he was (relatively speaking) straight and more inclined towards girls than boys...We still talk about it, he and I, and have a laugh. He's now in uni and very much in love with a young girl who shares his interests in the arts. So one never knows. But some young boys, like Graeme Taylor in the posting, seem to have an uncommon spiritual maturity that gives them this rare insight into their true sexual orientation. Very impressive