Jan 31, 2012

Taylor Lautner in support of FCKH8

Quite a hot photo of young Mr. Lautner supporting the "Born This Way" campaign. If only this were a coming out photo, but of course it's nothing of the kind. Taylor is simply lending his 'cool' to the campaign to support young gay teens and end bullying. But what a marvelous photo from this young pop idol.

And here's Zac Efron getting into the act:

On a related note, while researching play versions of Agatha Christie novels, I came across British gay playwright, Kevin Elyot (who wrote a version of Christie's And Then There Were None for the stage). Author of the renowned 90's drama, My Night With Reg, his most recent gay related works include the BBC TV movies,  Clapham Junction, a homophobic murder mystery based upon the murder of 24-year-old bar manager Jody Dobrowski, who was beaten to death on Clapham Common in 2005 - and - the 2011 film study of Christopher Isherwood, Christopher and His Kind.

Here's a very interesting interview with Kevin Elyot, discussing the anomaly of  the rising tolerance of homosexuality in society being accompanied by a rising tide of homophobic violence.