Sep 16, 2012

Kindred Spirits: Cardinals Martini and Schonborn

This just in from  Clerical Whispers. They are indeed kindred spirits. If Martini deliberately avoided the papacy, using a cane as a subterfuge, does this mean it might be Shonborn's turn, if not destiny? One can always hope, but the two men are certainly kindred spirits. As always, we must remember that 'the Lord' and 'the Holy Spirit' truly manage and inspire the community called church, but often in obscure and paradoxical ways, providing us with only enough light to take the next step.


Shönborn praises ‘prophetic’ Martini

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna has paid generous tribute to the "prophetic" vision of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, who died on 31 August. 

In his last interview, published immediately after he died, Cardinal Martini said the Church was "200 years behind the times" and called for far-reaching reforms.

"For me Cardinal Martini was one of the truly great and impressive episcopal figures who was totally committed to the Church and to his episcopal ministry," Cardinal Schönborn said on prime-time Austrian state television on Sunday 9 September.

The news of Martini's death had "overshadowed" the Schülerkreis meeting at Castel Gandolfo that weekend, and the participants had prayed for the cardinal together, Cardinal Schönborn revealed. 

He himself was "deeply grateful" to Martini for making the Word of God known to so many people and getting "countless" people to enjoy the Bible, he said.