Sep 16, 2012

War with Iran Imminent - Gulf War III?

(Formatting has been messed up for this post, but I can't seem to fix it. Once again, I was really babbling to myself and trying to sort things out in my own head. But things do look dire, as the barbarian forces of blind irrationality beat the drums once again. )

This topic is beyond my purview (I word I've always wanted to use) or area of expertise, and I don't usually like to delve into politics too deeply on this blog. However, this subject and its links to the recent anti Islamic film, Innocence of Muslims, has me thinking. 

The London Telegraph has just posted an article predicting an imminent strike by Israel against Iran - within the next ten days or so. Frightening and sad. Of course, the newspaper has also been criticized for the article and accused of fear mongering and sensationalism.

An armada of US and British naval power is massing in the Persian Gulf in the belief that Israel is considering a pre-emptive strike against Iran’s covert nuclear weapons programme. 

Rumors of such a strike against Iran have been in the air for the past ...well, year or so. But recent events, including remarks by the Israeli prime minister and possible Israeli (Mossad) links to the recent anti Islamic film, Innocence of Muslims (which has sparked world wide protests) strongly suggest that something sinister, dark, and malicious is afoot. 

 See Dean Henderson's Mossad's September Surprise.



(I have no idea why the following is in capital letters)

The film, Innocence of Muslims, which sparked anti-American protests throughout the Islamic World last week, bears all the trademarks of an Illuminati Mossad false flag operation designed to both ignite WW III and to sink President Obama's re-election. What matters is the timing of these events.

  Early last week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Obama Administration of dragging its feet on giving Israel a green light to bomb Iran. A perturbed White House issued a statement that “having this kind of conversation in public is extremely unhelpful”. Most significantly, last Tuesday Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu concurrent with a UN meeting in New York.

Later that day of September 11th, our embassies were under attack. The attacks continued throughout the week.

Innocence of Muslims was produced by Nakoula Bassely Nakoula, who first claimed to be a Jew kicked out of Israel, and now claims to be allied with Coptic Christians in Egypt. The three-named Nakoula pled guilty to bank fraud in California in 2010. His sidekick in producing the film was Steven Klein, a former US Marine who is active in right-wing religious protests at abortion clinics.

The film was handled by Pastor Terry Jones, the Florida preacher who threatened to burn a copy of the Koran nearly two years ago to the day. According to the Daily Bell, Jones has ties to both the Italian P2 Freemasons and the Israeli Mossad. [1] For more background, see my article “Pastor Jones & Mohammed Atta”

A few weeks back an Israeli document was leaked which indicated that Israel planned to attack Iran before the US Presidential election. The release of Innocence of Muslims seems designed to drag the US back into the Middle East quagmire at a time when the Israeli Rothschild entity has become increasingly isolated.

All of this is reminiscent of October Surprise, an intelligence operation launched by Ronald Reagan’s election team to sink the incumbent President Jimmy Carter. Heading Reagan’s election effort was soon-to-be CIA Director Bill Casey.

Back to myself again, pondering the news:

Yesterday, the respected British arms forces minister, Nick Harvey, was removed from his post and today London's Daily Mail quotes him as saying he was 'fired' because he refused to support a pre-emptive strike against Iran. 
Does this mean we are on the verge of a 'serious event'? It would seem so. I'm not quite certain why I started on this topic, only that I find it profoundly disturbing and the connection with religion - both fundamentalism and the deliberate inflaming of passions over Islam - seems significant as well. It's also linked with the previous article I posted on the assassination of a moderate Islamic spiritual leader, again a topic that is an anomaly for this blog. Not my usual stuff.  However, by a curious leap of logic, I was reminded of remarks made by Saint Maximiliam Kolbe to his fellow inmates at Auschwitz when they were tempted to rail against their Nazi persecutors. "Hate is destructive; love alone is creative." WWII might seem like a long way to go for inspiration, but Kolbe's example in the face of pure evil just sprung to mind, his unshakeable faith in the face of a destructive force he was powerless to control.


He urged his fellow inmates to forgive their Nazi captors and to view their incarceration as 'part of God's divine plan'. That is stating it much too baldly, to the point of being offensive. Rather, the saintly priest refused to rail against his condition and would instead bow his head humbly and profoundly in surrender to a mystery of providence too unfathomable to express in human words, and simply say, "God's will, God's will". However, what this enigmatic statement really revealed was Kolbe's profound faith in 'God' as the ultimate Lord of History, no matter how terrible the events of history that may wreak havoc with our lives, events that are spawned by human evil, which in itself is no way 'God's will." Of course, numerous books have been written since those terrible years questioning whether such reflections of Theodicy are any longer possible. Yet I still find Kolbe's profound faith in the face of the Unspeakable profoundly moving. Somehow a loving Providence had brought him to this place to practice love and forgiveness rather than hate and revenge, and that same Providence would work 'all things into good'.


I was also reminded of the profound faith of the Jewish woman, Etty Hillesum, who submitted to her fate in Auschwitz, not with passivity, but profound surrender to the wisdom of Providence, which she believed had guided her throughout her journey and was sustaining her during her final ordeal. Witness of faith in the face of the unspeakable.
A convoluted train of thought, but I've reached it by the sense that there is something inevitable about this forward march into the chaos of war once again in the Middle East, a pattern of human negativity so intrenched, so deeply rooted, so determined in its negative egoism and blindness, that there is little we can do practically to avoid it. It must work itself out to its final end, and we must have faith that the Holy  Spirit, Lord of History and Life, will work her own ways through these events. Our role must be to surrender in total faith and trust while being ever alert to the signs of the Spirit telling us what we must do. Passivity is not an option. Total surrender in trust and faith are, however, absolutes.