Mar 21, 2013

More endorsements of Pope Francis from key Latin American liberationists

Another significant figure from Liberation Theology's glorious past, the great bishop of the Amazonia, Dom Pedro Casadaliga, has come out with a ringing endorsement of Pope Francis. His statement can be read at Rebel Girl's great blog, Iglesia Descalza.

Dom Pedro said he felt relief when Bergoglio was chosen, fearing that another more conservative pope would be elected. He said he feels the choice "means a change in the figure of the Pope. Obviously, the Pope alone isn't the Church -- it's everyone's responsibility," the bishop said.

Casaldaliga praised Pope Francis' simplicity, his evangelizing spirit, and the symbolism of his first gesture, bowing before the people gathered on St. Peter's Square to receive their blessing before bestowing his. "It's a different style," Dom Pedro said.

The previous posting at Iglesia Descalza is yet another highly supportive statement from Leonardo Boff, one of the legendary founders of Liberation Theology. 

Leonardo Boff: "What matters isn't Bergoglio and his past, but Francis and his future"

Brazilian theologian Leonard Boff, a proponent of the progressive line in the Latin American Catholic Church, doesn't believe the denunciations that describe the new Pope Francis as a collaborator with the last Argentina dictatorship.

In an interview with IPS, Boff admits that it's a "controversial subject," with contradictory versions. But he prefers to trust the outpourings of notorious defenders of human rights in Argentina, who are denying any link between Jorge Bergoglio, who was elected pope by the Vatican, and the military regime that Argentina endured from 1976 to 1983.