Mar 28, 2013

Top blogs supporting marriage equality

As we head towards the historic decisions on marriage equality from the US Supreme Court (which will most likely not be definitive - not quite yet) =

Yeshua says to check out these top blogs supporting marriage equality:

Top 100 blogs supporting marriage equality:

For those wishing a more sober, objective opinion as to what may 'go down' this week with the US supreme court, check out Bill Blum at Truth Dig:

Post-Argument Recap: Prop. 8 and DOMA Are Going Down

I recognize the historic important of this weeks debate before the most conservative Supreme Court bench in decades, yet I feel somewhat distant from it all - since after 30 years of life as an expat, I no longer identify as 'an American,' though I continue to hold a US passport. Yet equality for one (country) is equality for all, whether it's the deeply divided US or the tragically compromised Uganda.