Nov 1, 2011

Police association calls for homophobic recording of Stuart Walker murder

In further developments in the Stuart Walker slaying, the UK Gay Police Association, an organization that specifically represents the needs and interests of lesbian and gay police employees in the United Kingdom, has called for the recording of the Stuart Walker murder as an explicit homophobic attack. Finally, some one has seen the light. I've been surprised at how few gay voices have picked up on this case, especially since the reticence of the police to name the attack as a hate crime only acts as a deterrent in preventing such evidence to surface - exactly the point of the UK Gay Police Association. A young eighteen year old neighbor boy has been arrested in connection with the case. The GPA was moved to make it's statement by evidence that Stuart Walker had been robbed and sexually assaulted before his death, then subjected to a ferocious beating before being set on fire. How could any impartial observer not view this as a hate crime?

Read the full story here at Pink News.


William D. Lindsey said...

Jayden, thank you for continuing to keep us up to date about this horrific story. I recommended your reporting about it in a posting at Bilgrimage today--very important work you've done on a story that should not be allowed to sink into the shadows.

Richard Demma said...

Thanks, Bill, I continue to follow it closely. More revelations, coupled with rumors and innuendo. At least editorials are now beginning to be seen in the Scottish press in reference to Stuart, about the necessity of combating hate crimes.