Sep 15, 2013

Back from the Wilderness

Finally, after nine weeks of intensive summer camp work with some wild and wonderful Czech kids, I've returned to some kind of normalcy. A very intense summer with young people in the throes of adolescence, I made so many strong connections among them, ties for life. Now it's back to the regular school year and hopefully i can begin reflecting on this blog again. But what I noticed after this nine week hiatus - in which I read almost nothing and kept up not a wit with world or church news - is that very little has changed over that period of time. It's as if I haven't been away at all. The world turns and turns. Some very interesting developments re: Pope Francis and gays, making it seem all the clearer that the man is a rare gift to the church, and making it even more clear that one good man in the papacy can't really do all that much in the short term when bucking against the prevailing ideology. But the power of his example is sending tremors and reverberations throughout the religious sphere. 

Double vision - which has been plaguing me for the past three months has cleared up about 70% and doctors say it should continue to improve, but will probably not go back to 100% normalcy. The problem is in the arteries in the brain, which is a warning to me about my lifestyle and the need to be cautious and change my diet, exercise, etc. I turn 70 in 3 months. All for now.