Oct 2, 2009

Juan Pablo I - Materia Reservada (3/4)

A 2008 interview (in Spanish) with Father Jesús López Sáez, who is now the leading spokesperson for those of us who wish to see justice done in the matter of the death of Pope John Paul I. If you speak Spanish, the four part interview is chilling. If you do not speak Spanish, you can at least get a sense of the integrity and psychological balance of the man. This is a case that simply won't go away, despite the attempts of many in the Vatican bureaucracy to silence and censor this courageous Spanish priest.
Cardinals Pironio and  Aloísio Lorscheider both supported him, as well as the courageous bishop of the Matto Grosso, Brazil, Pedro Casaldaliga.


"I know why he died. He has known evil in the Church.”
Girolamo Bortignon, former Bishop of Belluno, and personal friend of Albino Luciani