Oct 25, 2009


The Love of Siam

Rak haeng Siam
International Showcase
(Thailand | 2007 | 158 mins | 35mm)
In Thai with English subtitles
Directed By: Chookiat Sakveerakul
Exec. Producers: Somsak Techarantanaprasert
Producers: Prachya Pinkaew, Sukanya Vongsthapat
Writer/Editor: Chookiat Sakveerakul
Cinematographer: Chitti Urnorakankij
Editor: Lee Chatametikool
Sound: Waigoon Laopipatpinyo
Music: Kitti Kuremanee
Cast: Witwisit Hiranyawongkul, Mario Maurer, Chermarn Boonyasak, Sinjai Plengpanich

A groundbreaking teen love story, THE LOVE OF SIAM is a moving gay romance that took Thailand by storm. Mew and Tong are childhood neighbors and become good friends after Tong protects Mew from bullies. Tragedy strikes when Tong's sister disappears, however, and soon Tong's grief-stricken family moves away. Years later, the two boys are reunited in Siam Square, a trendy teenage hangout in Bangkok, where Mew often performs with a now-popular boy band. Rekindling their affections after all these years, the two must decide if their feelings for one another are as friends, or something more. When they discover that Mew's manager looks exactly like Tong's long-lost sister, a different kind of decision is made, one that may create other problems, or a novel solution to Tong's father's grief.

Dealing with both the complexities of family life and teen love, THE LOVE OF SIAM pushes cultural boundaries further by dealing with sexuality in an honest manner rarely seen in Thai commercial film. Despite its controversial subject matter, it managed to win over both audiences and critics at home, winning all major awards and achieving huge box-office success. It also ignited websites, message boards and a slew of online fan fiction that continued the story of Tong and Mew. Chosen to represent Thailand at the 2009 Academy Awards, THE LOVE OF SIAM is a well-crafted, affecting drama that captures the vibrancy of Thai pop culture and its modern capitol.

It goes without saying that these are the young gay people we are all fighting for. We old folks can take care of ourselves. It is the vulnerable ones, the young ones, searching for meaning and self-worth in this difficult world who need all of our support. Resistance to the evil of homophobia within the church is imperative for their future health and wholeness. Jayden


colkoch said...

Jayden, you've outdone yourself this time. How do you keep the background photo on your banner still while everything else moves?

It's very cool effect. I'm jealous. I keep thinking I will update my blog look, but then I click on yours and reality returns.

I will look for this movie on IFC. It sounds excellent.

Jayden Cameron said...

Colleen - I sent you a direct reply to this question with directions. Let me know if you got it and if my directions for the background photo make any sense! This blog is still a new toy for me, so I enjoy tinkering with it.