Oct 18, 2009


In light of certain recent private conversations I've been having, I thought I would come clean about my blogger name, "Jayden." This is a nick name given me by my beloved drama students three years ago who were in the habit of calling me certain suggestive hybrids  on stage (not in the classroom) based on my legal name (which I prefer to keep private). So I said, "Come up with an alternative, kiddos," and they came up with 'Jayden.' When I asked why, they coyly replied that 'Jayden' was the number one choice for male babies of all black and Hispanic families in the US. I thought, "Oh,  OK, I  like that." So Jayden I became and sometimes Meister Jayden, when the students felt that excessive sarcasm was called for. Then about 3 months later, those naughty little shits came clean themselves and explained that the reason for the popularity of the name among Black and Hispanic families was because it was the first name of Britney Spear's baby, Jayden James Federline! I just about choked on my beer. Talk about being given a name that undermines all credibility as a 'deep thinker' (not that I ever had such credibility)! No wonder all those teachers in the hallways kept smiling as they passed me by, saying, "Good Morning, Jayden." I was the last to be let in on the joke. By then, however, I had become attached to the exotic sounding appendage. When it came time to set up this blog, there were certain personal considerations which made a nome de plume seem prudent and appropriate. So Jayden I became and Jayden I shall remain. Thank you, Britney.

The Culprits