Apr 25, 2010


Willem Janssen's beautiful spiritual mandalas and paintings can be accessed here at his website: Willem Janssen's Art. 

BIRTH is a sign of inner transformation, a shift in consciousness that manifest externally as rebirth or renewal, the arising of a New Earth. The sign is about the effortless balancing of inner and outer, the removal of resistance and the ending of struggle. These are all aspects of the constant outpouring vibration of Birth.
JOY: This picture of joy represents energies that help dissolve patterns of resistance that are holding us back from experiencing the peace within. It's  high vibrational frequency fosters love, balance, healing, and harmony. 
THE EYE OF CREATION appeared after my morning meditation on January 1st 2007. I see it as the arising of form from the unmanifested Source as well as the continuing presence of the unmanifested at the heart of all things and all beings, what Eckhart calls inner space. The picture represents the world and also your self.