Apr 11, 2010


Taken from the wonderful Sufi blog, Inspirations and Creative Thoughts 
 Paradigm Shift

In order to understand our moment in history and where we can go in the future, we have to know what brought us here. In order to be strategically intelligent, we need to be able to comprehend the sources of our world. Our world is shaped by our worldview. How we approach reality is defined by the kinds of assumptions we have about that reality, and that, in turn, shapes reality and feeds it back to us. The subject and the object are deeply implicated in each other.
- Richard Tarnas, author of ground breaking work, The Passion of the Western Mind (credit)

A paradigm shift will often be initiated by a distinct, extraordinary break from the past - a kind of declaration of independence - yet this initial breakthrough will retain from the old paradigmatic structure certain essential and usually unexamined assumptions that limit the success of the new vision. - Richard Tarnas

If we carefully observe the loosening of authoritarian institutionalized religious power structures (especially true for Judaism and Christianity, and further specific to Christianity in the West) and an ever widening interest in learning about  other faith traditions (which began in the 60s with interest in Eastern religion including Buddhism, Zen, Hinduism, Yoga and Sufism) we see how this opening attraction to universal spirituality is helping the process of evolution of consciousness.  The transition has already begun from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.  One can see this from the numerous web sites about the New Consciousness which people are attaining and of the Awakening that is occurring all over the globe. Dreams which show the awakening of people are numerous as well.

But before that its absolutely necessary to restore the True Image of Christ by breaking the idol that is placed between our inner eye and True Christ. As long as this false idol  is there, shrouded in myths, no matter how dazzling and how decorative and how familiar it has become to us, we can not truly be receptive to the Christ Consciousness that is our birth right.

(Painfully, tragically, and at great human cost to the victims, the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church is is very much a part of this process of transformation and demythologization, the breaking of a false idol that has obscured the True Image of Christ.


William D. Lindsey said...

Jayden, thanks so much for this posting. It helps me to frame what is happening now in terms of broader historical currents and currents of global cultural development.

And it gives me a link to a fascinating new blog I hadn't yet discovered.

Jayden Cameron said...

thanks, William Yes, it is a wonderful site from a very mystical person in Pakistan. I love his music. Wish I could figure out how to do the same with Gay Mystic.