Sep 3, 2011

Is Comet Elenin the feared Blue Star Kachina of Hopi Prophecy

Apparently there is a comet named Elenin (discovered in 2010) approaching the earth (within 20 million miles) whose debris might impact the earth in large or small ways. Tons of stuff on the internet about this, speculation, conspiracies, reflections, sober analysis. As best as I can make out, no one really knows what to make of it, since scientists can't seem to agree on the comet's size and therefore can't predict the significance of any debris from its tail hitting the earth.

I started out watching this video below just for 'fun,' but became increasingly impressed by the spiritual depth to the presentation and the psychological balance of the presenters. A very moving film that is not at all extremist, it views the Hopi prophecies with respect and links them - perhaps - to Comet Elenin. Personally, I wouldn't sneeze at any of the Hopi 'predictions,' no matter how easy it might be to misinterpret them. Also, I can't help but be reminded of the prophecies of the Marian apparitions of Garabandal, predicting the arrival or collision of two comets in the stratosphere visible from the earth. This celestial 'event' is supposed to presage the culminating miracle of Garabandal, which would follow soon after.  Fascinating stuff and quite profound, whatever the weirdness factor. But is this it? Who knows? ;)

(Here is a very sobering but utterly fascinating scientific blog which tracks the numerous physical changes and upheavals on earth. It reports that Comet Elenin is disintegrating. The Extinction Protocol.)
I never believed this comet represented any kind of a threat to the planet and was quite frankly dismayed by the organized public campaign of fear-mongering on the internet and youtube about a potential doomsday event connected to this comet- most of it, as always, had absolutely no basis in science.

 Since this video piqued my interest and since there wasn't anything more entertaining to do this evening, I browsed around and came up with this comment about Comet Elenin:

If projections aren’t enough proof, Agnew says to look no further than the major governments of the world. Both the US and Russia have invested fortunes into new underground shelters, and the author says there has to be a reason for it. NASA, he says, has also recently circulated a video among the families of employees advising them what to do in case of an upcoming emergency.

According to Agnew, it’s time to connect the dots, and he’s not just talking about constellations.

Taken from: The Mystery of Comet Elenin