Sep 18, 2011


Friends of mine from the Catholic Diocese of One Spirit have sent me what is being described as "THE NEW NEW TESTAMENT." Essentially, it is a re-written version of the traditional texts, with a substantial amount of negativity (towards the Jews for example) written out of it, and many other passages illuminated by a profound mystical consciousness. I found this new version so profound and inspiring,  and free of so many troubling elements, such as sexism, exclusivism, anti-Judaism, that it has now become my scripture of choice.  The end results are ever more mystical than the original and will be quite familiar to those who have been exposed to 'new age' thinking (though I dislike the phrase). The scribe, Ken Maley, claims to have been guided interiorly to complete this task, which makes of it something similar to The Course In Miracles. 

Taken from the website of The New New Testament.

The scribe of The New New Testament is Ken Maley. Ken has always felt a deep calling to spirituality and spent a year in a hermitage in his youth to deepen his union with Jesus. Later he spent 18 years as a Roman Catholic priest, sharing spirituality in a large American parish and then with seminarians in Africa. While in Africa he felt led to leave the Roman Catholic Church after reading A Course in Miracles, and finding it so close to the Gospel of St. John and so spiritually fulfilling and Spirit based. It opened the New Testament and the real message of Jesus to him in a very profound way. 

Ken was ordained a Catholic bishop, though not Roman Catholic, on Easter of 2001. And because of his Native American blood, he promised in a long Vision Quest in the desert to open more fully to Jesus and Spirit. It was during these three months that Jesus first asked him to rewrite the New Testament, but he did not have the courage to do it at that time. When the Call came again in 2009, he was more prepared and agreed to the arduous task, knowing that many would believe he was delusional or even worse. But what Jesus wanted was more important to him than what people might think of him.

To explore this New New Testament in greater depth, please visit the website here.
New New Testament Rewritten through Jesus and the Original Authors
is available for purchase as a paperback by clicking here:
Review from Barnes and Noble:

It's about time! I was quickly at home with the new New Testament, feeling I was drinking from the spring instead of the polluted downstream. This amazing work's truth resonates: we are love, we are divinity having human experiences, all is well. You will be amazed at the beauty of the language. Preachers now have a clearer path to preach love instead of fear. Get ready for a real Jesus who makes sense.
Will the New New Testament change the world? I don't know but it has changed mine. God bless the courageous man who received this translation.

Blurbs from the Website.
"Exactly what Jesus would say if he came to earth again! Perhaps this is how he will come again."  -  Christian Person 

"What Christians have been seeking for centuries. Literally millions will love it."   - Catholic Bishop 

"Speechless! I am totally amazed at what is here."   - Person with ties to India and Hinduism  

"Poetry for my soul."  - Protestant Minister

"Marvelous! My wife and I have read John's Gospel through twice to each other. Our favorite phrase: 'God's Heart is so big you can't walk out of it.'"   - Couple with a Mormon background 

"Many will find that this book is miraculous, since Jesus brings us into the Heart of God.”  - A Seeker

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colkoch said...

I can't imagine what would happen if more people got this one idea--"we are divinity having a human experience". Or to put it differently: "mortal bodies are not ensouled, immortal souls are embodied."

If one thinks about the truth of this for any length of time it really changes one's perspective on everything. Jesus is not talking about Himself as God, in the New Testament, He's talking about Himself and us, as human.

Jayden Cameron said...

Wonderful formulation, Colleen, "He'talking about Himself and us, as human,' fully human- which means fully divine.