Apr 26, 2013

5th Day Of Pneumonia. Paris/Syria/Boston

Enjoying a 'pleasant' day in bed and in the sun, after 5 days of Pneumonia,  though very tired with many days of recovery ahead.

Very grateful to Bill Lindsey at Bilgrimage for his in depth and passionate coverage of the anti gay riots in Paris. What a frightening example of how fascism and bigotry like a cancer can invade a religion and twist its very soul.

I've also been closely following the Boston bombings, but through the acute analytical lens of political analyst and former FBI expert on the Caucasus, Sibel Edmonds. As Sibel predicted several days ago, there has already been a significant shift in the political atmosphere -as possible evidence of a secret deal made over the  Boston bombings- with Russia toning down its rhetoric/attitude towards a US invasion of Syria and the US already making a lightning switch in its attitude towards Chechyen "freedom fighters, " now able to view them in light of Boston as the new hot "terrorist,""until the day it becomes politically  expedient to view them as freedom fighters again. Such is the cynical and cruel game of geopolitics. Here is Sibel's take:

In the next few days we’ll be witnessing major developments on the Syrian front. Our direct military attack- the invasion- is about to begin. With Russian silence, the sudden removal of Russia as an obstacle in our invasion of Syria, think Boson Terror, and think Chechen-Caucasus-Russian angles scripted into the event.
Also, in the next few weeks we’ll be witnessing, reading and hearing about a new heated war within the borders of Russian territory-the Caucasus. The Russian raids will be portrayed here at home as ‘Russian counterterrorism efforts again Radical Islamic Terror.’ The Russian domestic raids will be characterized as another battle front against Al-Qaeda.
Now, let’s watch the events unfold with critical eyes and minds.

Meanwhile in a Boston hospital lies a young man who allowed himself to be manipulated into callously dropping a lethal bomb at a race track, not knowing he was merely a pawn in a vast geo-political game far beyond his comprehension.