Apr 30, 2013

Breaking News

I'm continuing to follow the story of the Boston bombers very closely through the alternative media, and am gathering material for another reflection.

Video footage has just surfaced from neighbours witnessing the gunfight between the boys and police, except that from the footage it appears to be only one sided, from police to the Tsarnaev brothers, at the beginning, with desperate attempts from the boys to get the police to stop firing.

The following words can be heard on the footage, muddled in parts, separated by a few seconds each. I've used exclamation marks, because the boys are clearly screaming.

Chill out!!

Chill out! Chill out!!

Chill out!

We didn't do it!

We didn't do it!

We didn't do it!

Hey, officer.

Heartbreaking and sickening at the same time.

p.s. some viewers are claiming that towards the end, the guys filming are heard to say, "They just ran over the guy. State police, what the f...k!" I can hear from 'State Police' onwards.

I tried to embed the video but was unsuccessful, so here is the You Tube URL:


A deluge of information has surfaced regarding the intelligence connections, which I'm gathering together for a later posting.

And so...the official story continues to unravel and the mainstream media continues to ignore it, at least as far as serious commentary is concerned.

And to end on a more cheerful, if incongruous note: