Apr 29, 2013

Recovering Nicely

Well, I appear to be over the worst of the pneumonia and am beginning the slow ascent back to normal. Hope to be back on the computer in a few days, however.

My composure was shattered this morning, however, by the reverberations of a powerful explosion about a mile up the river from me near the historic National Theatre. I could feel the blast in my toes actually, it was that strong. I went out on the balcony, but couldn't see anything. In these times and after Boston, ones thoughts immediately assume the worst. It turns out to have been a natural gas explosion in a building near the theater and local reports first mentioned four dead and many injured, though I've yet to see that confirmed in the English press. The mayor has denied anyone died in the blast. Shocking all the same.

Reading over the two previous postings I made on the Boston bombings, I see that I was much too exhausted to be making proper judgements and should have been much more tentative. Whereas it is not clear that the Tsarnaev brothers were set up, it is clear that a "setup" is a reasonable assumption to make among many, and should be vigorously investigated - except, of course, it won't be. And whereas it is not clear the older brother considered himself being groomed as a top CIA asset, it is a reasonable possibility to entertain, given the existing evidence of his intelligence contacts, beginning with the interview conducted by three shadowy men in his home, an interview Sibel Edmonds judges to have all the hallmarks of the classic CIA recruitment interview.  In light of all of the indicators, which are many, it strains belief to believe these boys "acted" alone' whatever their actions might have been.