Apr 20, 2013

Prayers for Boston and the Nation Are Not Enough

Now that the drama in Boston has been resolved for the moment, we can compose ourselves and seek a deeper understanding. But far too many questions remain casting doubt on the official narrative. I fear for my country.

I was up very late last night here in Prague watching events in Boston live on CNN. We are six hours ahead of Boston here, which means the drama ended with the capture of the very young suspect at 1:30 am Prague time. Today I'm running a fever from the stresss of the night before, a self referential comment I only insert to explain why these comments must be brief. While sharing in a small degree in the anguish and grief of the victims involved, I was also distraught for the young 'perpetrator' and his family, and for the moment I accept the fact of his involvement, but on what level and with what provocation?

When a neo con lite magazine like the Atlantic publishes an article disussing the possibility of a false flag attack in Boston, we know we have turned a dramatic page in history. They are joined by Yahoo News and Truth Dig, all of them raising the isse in one way or another. Something already smells about the official narrative. Any questioning of it, however, will get one tossed onto the heap of 'conspiracy theorists.'

Why were there so many obvious and rather sinister looking security  personell at the finish line, two of them standing right behind the young 8 year old boy who died. Did they not notice an individual in a white hat dropping off a heavy bag? Apparently not. And none of them, None, have been shown on CNN, FOX NEWS, SKY TV, THE BBC. Immediately after the blast, both men were photographed in the race track itself looking back calmly at the bomb site, speaking into cell phones with hands pressed to their left ears. Can they be described as 'calm.' Yes, most certainly, in exactly the same way the two brothers were described as walking calmly away from the scene. These were not the only two suspicious characters carrying large backpacks, (larger than those carried by the Chechyian brothers.)

The FBI has now admitted, after many denials, fits and starts, obfuscations,lies that they had been monitoring the elder brother for almost five years, and in the words of his mother, harassing him and his family. How, then, could they not know?
And then we are told that a bomb exercise was underway at the same time - just as with 9/11 and 7/7 in London. Terrorists experts in the street enacting the very attack that then ensued and at the very same locations:

Though it is too early to know for sure, the Boston bombings featured the most important telltale sign of a false-flag op: A terror drill running simultaneously, mirroring the actual attack. As Webster Tarpley has explained in his book 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, false-flag attacks such as 9/11 and 7/7 are designed as drills that suddenly “go live.” This allows insiders to plot and execute the attacks under cover of the drills, with the “Team B” bad guys actually carrying out the attacks they were supposedly going to feign.

Conspiracy theories, motivated by feat and panic, or a taste for the sensational? Perhaps. But this terrible experience drew me immediately into prayer, and in silence and solitude I sense that something is rotten about this whole case. I fear for the young man incarcerated, I wish him to atone for his crimes, but I also want justice, true justice, that does not use a misguided, vulnerable, and manipulable youth, for truly sinister ends. We are in peril in the US and sometimes prayers are not enough.


colkoch said...

What I am trying to figure out is why there is so little coverage of the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas. This is a very sad event that killed more people, injured roughly the same number, partially flattened a town, and decimated it's First Responders.

Why no terrorist brouha over this one? Media coverage makes no sense to me anymore. Prayer may be the only sane thing left to do.

Richard Jayden Cameron said...

Exactly right, Colleen, and will there be a memorial service for them with President Obama in attendance? These were Czech immigrants (or the children of immigrants), so there's quite a bit of interest over here in the tragedy.

M.McShea said...

While I do not see a false flag here or government conspiracy, I see holes in a story already heavily dedacted. Saw pics of the supposed inside of the alleged bombers apartment that they shared. Where did they get the black power? Where did they make, test these devices? Store them etc.? And in the end all the kings horses and all the kings men could not find the lost enemy combatant. One man taking a smoke on his stoop saw something amiss in his back yard. The thing that really bothers me in your mention of prayers was the very cool way Suspect #2 now in custody walked away from so much carnage and inhumanity at the bombing site. What about the American community that nurtured this young man for over a decade. Has the American character lost its soul in that it no longer rubs off on its immigrants?

Richard Jayden Cameron said...

Yes many questions and they are growing by the minute. I've been sick for 3 days and can't respond in detail, but may post an update later.

Richard Jayden Cameron said...

p.s. take a close look at the photo of the white capped kid leaving the scene. He appears to be still wearing his backpack.