Apr 24, 2013

Boston Bombings: Sibel Edmonds speaks out.

I'm in bed with pneumonia at the moment and can't really post in any depth, but I'm following the Boston bombings very very carefully. This is now a huge story, much bigger than a pair of hapless, alienated backpackers dropping bombs.

Former FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, a woman for whom I have the greatest respect (google her) has finally spoken out, giving over 100 minutes of interview time - none of which will be reported in the mainstream media. She warns us not to get caught up in the conflicting details at the moment, but calls the official story "a B grade movie script."

Here is her in-depth geo-political analysis giving insider knowledge of US relations to the Caucasus, which the main stream media would never report ...and her take on the hapless youths who may have been the actual bombers. The second series of interviews at her actual website are the most revealing.