Sep 15, 2009


As a full time drama teacher at an International School in Prague ( a job I love), I'm a bit out of breathe trying to keep up with this blog and it has taken off in directions I never at first envisioned. Weekends provide the only really free time for posting. Just to keep things on track, I've placed a startling image of Salvadore Dali's Heart of Jesus in the sidebar, to alert any sympathetic visitors to the fundamentally Christian/ Catholic orientation of this blog, despite it's very pluralistic, 'interspiritual' orientation.  The image is startling because it masculinizes the Teacher, in a way that we're not accustomed to see him, as a robust working male,  familiar with the sweat of labor and hard toil.  This is no 'Jesus, Meek and Mild,' but a Prophet who speaks out against injustice.  The caption, "Carpenter from Nazareth," serves to remind us that Yeshua the prophet, came out of nowhere as a common working man, with no recognized spiritual authority and no membership in any priestly lineage."By what authority do you do ...or say... these things?" He was certainly not 'ordained,' distanced himself from some of the positions of the ruling religious hierarchy, yet showed a fundamental respect for the basic elements of his own religion. How shocking it is to us to be reminded of this fact. Yeshu was Jewish and as such respected and followed the authentic dictates of his very own Jewish religion, while also seeking to revolutionize it from within.  At this point in time, I wholeheartedly affirm the efforts of those who seek a reconciliation between Synagoga and Eccelsia.