Sep 29, 2009

QUOTE OF THE DAY from Colleen Kochivar-Baker

Pope Benedict may very well be the Pope on whose watch the Church once again fractures because of the corruption within the hierarchy. No amount of papal perfume concerning positive evangelization can mask the stench coming from the Vatican curia. So be it.

Enlightened Catholicism 

Master Jan Hus (1371-1415)

Martin Luther


William D. Lindsey said...

And for evidence of the corruption and how deep its roots are, Jayden, look at Jason Berry's recent article on the "Maciel problem," to which Joe Feuerherd links at National Catholic Reporter today.

Berry reports that the discredited founder of the Legionaries of Christ, Marcial Maciel, gave checks as high as $10,000 to certain cardinals, over the years, along with Christmas gifts of expensive wines and $1,000 Spanish hams. He even gave a car to one cardinal.

Is it any wonder that the Vatican ignored Maciel's sexual abuse of seminarians and fathering of children with several women as long as it did? Can anyone say bribery?

Look at the money trails in the abuse crisis as well as in the church's stepped-up attack on gay folks right now, and you'll see tremendous corruption.

William D. Lindsey said...

Well, talk about synchronicity.

I just went to Colleen's blog to read the posting about on which you commented, Jayden, only to see that she has posted about that Jason Berry piece, too!

Jayden Cameron said...

Well, at least the synchronicity is a sign of hope! (and we need all the signs we can get!) Another sign of hope comes from witness groups on the periphery like the Old Catholic Church which Michael at Wild Reed has posted about again today. This is what I meant about needing something more radical.

rayan said...

I Rayan,36, bisexaul, from Quebec, Canada, am a psychic medium. So much misinterpretation in bible about prophetic abilities, which means psychic abilities. Light worker is angel reiki healers.
I hope to see a not(non) intefaith Christian spiritualist service/theology that support gay/lesbain rights. Eunoch is transsexuals.To much pagan/wicca use black magic and drink blood to enhance abilities!

rayan said...

Need a bible that inlcude Gospel of Mary Magddalene, who married Thomas(jesus) twin. Need Saint Austine who used Gospel of Thomas(belief in past life).
Hope to see also with the Melkite greek, Byzantine eastern Catholic rite service here that is gay affirm and support psychic mediumship,reiki healers as part of service. Jesus taught the apostles his psychic abilities and communication with angels.