Sep 13, 2009


This wonderful quote comes from the blog Emmaus Walk. Read the entire article here.

Was thinking as a result of the recent Episcopal and Lutheran conventions in which thousands of dollars or more is spent to bring everyone together to have cantankerous battles over women bishops, gay and lesbian clergy and relationships, married priests, not to mention the upkeep of church buildings, that perhaps another way exists for being Church. (Large national synods are coming in the Roman Catholic Church soon here in the States, with the impetus coming from 99% of the church membership--so-called lay folks--not from the hierarchy--so this applies here as well).
Why don't we look to our Jewish brethren for some guidance? Perhaps we could move 'church' back into the home. It seems to me that we could ordain one or two members of a family to serve as celebrants for the household or extended family. This would be similar to Passover or weekly Shabbat (Sabbath) dinners in which bread and wine are blessed in the middle of the family. Ordinations could be held in monastery or convent chapels. Perhaps we might have places to celebrate great feasts with a larger community for those who so wish. We might have servant-bishops as resource persons not rulers. 
Br. Yossi Lopez-Hineynu.