Sep 26, 2009

Exhausting Day in Prague

The events of the day were rather exhausting for this aging gay Catholic and I'm recovering at the moment with a triple shot of Glenlivet. I hope to share my reflections tomorrow. Let me just say that the sight of Papa Razzi and his secretary, Monsignor George, (whom he has no doubt chosen for his bodyguard, on a conscious level at least, because he makes for a spectacular image of the male priesthood) was a powerful visceral experience that was positive in almost every way. Papa Razzi really does come across as a gentle, shy, unassuming (closeted) gay man of acute intelligence, who is clearly conscious that it is "not about him," while his secretary comes across as a very caring, competent, masculine young grandson. The combination is certainly worthy of many jokes, but there is something very touching about it as well. George is huge, a real hunk, and what kind of image do you want next to the Pope as a bodyguard, a gorilla like Paul Marcinkus or a fashion model like George Gaenswein? Will all gay men (and lesbian women) please stand up and vote. I  suppose we must keep Hans Kung's initial comments about Pope Benedict  in mind (when he was first elected): 'He is utterly charming and very dangerous.' And yet the mystery is greater than he is and he seems to be aware of this.