Sep 17, 2009


After much tinkering, I've decided to go with this beautiful, peaceful, green template, with it's sense of connection with nature. The photo in the header is of a sunset on Nai Harn Beach in Phuket, Thailand where I lived (right on the beach)  for three years. And yes, that is a picture of me above in my chata (country cottage) outside Prague, feeding our pet bear, Dakha. Nature has always been an essential part of my spiritual growth, and it was hard moving back into a large city after living on a tropical island. I half agree with Father Thomas Berry that what Christians need to do at this point in history is to place the bible on the shelf for twenty years and attend to the 'primary sacrament' of the sacred = the divine cosmos all around us.

Finally, for all Catholic gay bloggers, I found this wonderful, heartfelt prayer at "MysticSaint, (Inspirations and Creative Thoughts)" (click here or on SufiMystic at top of Blog). For all of you courageous bloggers battling the forces of darkness out there, take comfort from the fact that this deeply spiritual Sufi mystic has had to endure hate mail even more horrendous that what "we "are accustomed to receiving (though I have yet to be assaulted here). We are not alone! He is from Dhaka, Bangladesh (and naming our gentle pet bear after this Muslim city is meant as a sign of respect).

O My Lord, forgive me and forgive any showiness of this site. Let this work be for You and for You only. Shower your Infinite Rahma (Grace) on us, on this place and make it sacred. My Lord, with Your Light show us the Truth. Surely You are the Guide, and You show the path to whom You will. Purify our heart, remove the veils of ignorance and let the realization of the Truth make us free. There is none i can turn to forgive but You. O Beloved, we can not know You completely, since You can only know Your TrueSelf. But grant us the vision necessary to Love You. All Glory be to You. 


William D. Lindsey said...

Jayden, I like your new format--restful to the eyes and really easy to navigate. And it allows your visual material to shine forth.

I also very much like the quotes you use as a header today. Your fusion of several spiritualities is one of the great contributions of this blog.

Jayden Cameron said...

Bill, thanks for the encouragement! This blog feels like a gift, a totally unexpected one, and being accepted into your community of bloggers is a very special grace.

Michael J. Bayly said...

Hi Jayden,

I too want to congratulate you on your new-look blog. It's beautiful. And thanks also for the high quality of writing that you share, and the wonderful links you provide. I particularly appreciate your highlighting of SufiMystic.

I'd be greatly interested in your sharing about your teaching work in Prague. I've long considered working abroad in such a way, and would be grateful for any tips or advice you may be able to offer. My e-mail address is Thanks.



Terence Weldon said...

Thanks, Jayden, for this beautiful prayer, and for your kind remarks about the gay catholic bloggers, but you do a great job yourself.

I love the eclecticism and broader approach of Gay Mystic - I wish I had more time while travelling to look it up more frequently. I find the range and broader perspective of your posts breathtaking and refreshing.

Thanks for keeping it up while juggling a demanding job at the same time.

Jayden Cameron said...

Terence, many thanks for the encouragement and appreciation. I sometimes feel I am in an ivory tower here at Gay Mystic, but I guess we each have our own little niche to fill. Good luck on your travels.