Sep 24, 2009


Dear Pope Benedict arrives in Prague the day after tomorrow (Saturday, September 26th) for a 3 day historic visit to the Czech Republic. He will be staying at the stuffy Apostolic Nunciature on Vorsilska Street, which, coincidentally, is only one block away from my spacious studio apartment on the river with spectacular views of Petrin Hill and the Castle. I thought of inviting the Pontiff to stay with me, where he could contemplate the peaceful swans swimming in the river outside my windows, and we could share a candlelight dinner for two on the veranda, but since I only have one bed I thought that might be awkward for both of us. However, I still intend to invite him over for coffee and strudel and a frank discussion about gay rights in the Church. Sound like a good idea?

Benedict will be paying a sentimental visit to our greatest Catholic tourist attraction in Prague, the Church of Our Lady of Victories, which contains the historic stature of 'The Infant of Prague.' Please don't snicker, I've actually been very consoled about my gay Catholic vocation in front of this statue of the Infant Jesus, innocence personified, whose glitzy costumes are changed some eight times a year.  It really is the gayest statue in Christendom and much to my initial surprise (puffed up as I was with a sense of condescension towards the kinky icons of folk religion) the statue does radiate a rare charismatic power. I was completely taken aback by its force and sweetness. Who can tell what insights the Pope may glean from this visit to the epitome of Catholic Kitsch in Prague and the secret symbol of Catholic Gaydom. And since this Church is just across the river from my apartment, I will be sure to be in attendance - at least out in the street, holding a sign that says:

The BABY JESUS SAYS: It's OK to be GAY Papa RAY.

Jayden Cameron reporting from Prague for GAYMYSTIC NEWS.